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A traditional bed bug extermination is conducted using three primary types of products. These include a liquid residual class III, a dust that is infused with a pyrethroid and a butoxide aerosol spray. Together with specialized vacuuming and steaming (when necessary) this can prove to be a perfectly effective means by which to eliminate a bed bug problem.

The technician will apply the liquid residual product to all baseboards and in general cracks and crevices throughout the home. Dusting with the pyrethroid dust is done on and in surfaces where liquid is not called for such as in electrical outlets and on mattresses and the tops of box springs. The butoxide aerosol is applied directly onto any bed bugs that are found in the treatment area and it causes immediate death to the insect. Finally, if there are bed bug eggs present, steam may be applied to kill them instantly. If many bed bugs are present during treatment of a long term infestation, a special bed bug vacuum may be used to literally suck up numerous bugs in a short period of time.

How is a "traditional" bed bug extermination done?

What is a "traditional" bed bug extermination?

So what do we mean by "traditional bed bug control"? Simply put, when bed bugs began invading homes throughout the Toronto area over ten years ago, pest control companies began treating with pesticides. Over the years our company has expanded the definition of "traditional' bed bugs treatment to include the safe use of what are known as Class III products. These products are regulated in their manufacture and labeling by the Federal Government of Canada and their use and application is governed by the Provincial Government of Ontario through the Ministry of the Environment.

Any company that uses these products is required to be compliant with numerous governmental safety checks and regulatory requirements. The use of these products by a trained and licensed technician is perfectly safe and often quit effective against bed bugs.

traditional bed bug extermination and control

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