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*Some restrictions apply. Not applicable to all dwellings (depending on size). Any deviation to this fee (higher or lower) will be communicated to the Customer prior to the initial treatment. Fee applies to each unit treated in the case of a multi-unit dwelling. Contact us for details.

​* We have a working relationship with Canada Canine Detection - Please see our Code of Ethics Statement here

​* Follow-Up Fee subject to change without notice

Our Service Guarantee

Bed bug extermination can be a complex process which necessitates the use of different methods, products and techniques.

A great deal of skill and experience is necessary to complete a safe and successful bed bug elimination. We are proud that the vast majority of our bed bug extermination clients see their bed bug problem eliminated in the standard two treatment protocol. There are however some instances where more than two treatments may be necessary.

In multi-residential dwellings (apartments etc.) and semi-detached homes may suffer with what is known as 're-infestation' that results from bed bugs migrating back into the treated area(s) from other areas that were not or could not be treated.

In addition, some people who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being re-infested months or even years later due to exposure from a friend, work or even where they work-out, may be in need of another bed bug treatment.

Our service guarantee is designed to ensure that current and past customers of ours are covered. Our service guarantee is simple; Any current or past customer of ours is entitled to receive a full 'crack and crevice' treatment from us subsequent to their paid initial two treatments for $249* (plus HST) per treatment as required.

Some customers choose to have their home 'checked' for efficacy subsequent to their bed bug treatment. We welcome this wholeheartedly. There are a number of ways to gain insight into the efficacy of a bed bug treatment. They are as follows:

1) Set up bed bug monitors. There are different types of monitors on the market and they work in different ways. Please contact us for details on this.

2) Visual inspection. A visual inspection is simply that. A licensed technician attends your residence and attempts to visually identify if there is any live bed bug activity.

3) A canine bed bug inspection. Using canines to detect bed bugs can be a very quick, efficient and highly accurate way of determining if live bed bugs or viable bed bugs exist in a home. However, not all K9 bed bug detection dogs/teams are equal. Call us for more information.

After Your Treatment