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NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Detection Toronto
Licensed Bed Bug Extermination Toronto

Specialized bed bug exterminators serving Toronto, Hamilton, Scarborough, North York, Burlington, Oshawa, Ajax, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and all of Southern Ontario

Both our bed bug detection handlers and dogs are certified by NESDCA, the North American Scent Detection Canine Association. This is widely accepted as the the most prestigious certification for bed bug inspection dog teams in the world. Our teams are trained by NESDCA approved facilities (in the United States) and Certified by an independent judge on behalf of NESDCA itself. We are very proud of achieving and maintaining this world class certification.

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Royal Forest Pest Services is proud to have solidified our working relationship with Canada Canine Detection Corp. Please see our relationship Code Of Conduct

Give us a call to schedule your bed bug inspection or you can call Canada Canine Detection Corp. directly at (647) 686-3911 or visit them at

Canada Canine Detection Corp. - Bed Bug Inspection Dogs

In years past when a bed bug exterminator was called in to conduct an inspection for bed bugs it often took hours of tedious visual searching. Regardless of the experience of the technician conducting the inspection, often no bed bugs were visible as bed bugs are very good at hiding!

Confirmation that a bed bug extermination was successful was all but impossible back when only the visual method of identifying them was possible.

Now, with the use of highly trained bed bug dogs, Toronto area residents are able to know, with a high degree of accuracy, whether bed bugs have invaded their home.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and it is important to begin to mitigate a bed bug problem quickly if one exists.

If you are waking up with unexplained bites or if you suspect that you may have come into contact with bed bugs, give us a call and schedule your canine bed bug inspection today!

why is k-9 bed bug detection so great?


We are proud to offer bed bug detection using specially trained dogs. A dogs' nose is approximately 2 million times more sensitive than a human. In the early stages of a bed bug problem it can be very difficult for a human to recognize the signs of the presence of bed bugs and those signs may not always be present. Enter the K-9 bed bug inspection! When properly trained, a bed bug K-9 can detect bed bugs and their eggs using only his nose! Accurately and quickly.

With extreme accuracy and discretion, our bed bug detection dog team arrives at your home and conducts a thorough and complete inspection. While the canine sniffs for bed bugs, the canine handler completes a visual inspection as well.

The specially trained team consists of a canine and his handler. The dog has undergone upwards of 2 years of specialized training specifically for bed bug detection while the handler, a licensed bed bug exterminator with years of experience, conducts a thorough and detailed inspection of your home.


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Certified Bed Bug Inspection Dogs Toronto
Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pest Control Services in Burlington ON

Certified canine bed bugs detection in Toronto using highly accurate bed bug inspection dog teams. Fast and efficient bed bug inspection at a reasonable price! Toronto bed bug detection dog services using NESDCA trained and certified dog teams servicing Hamilton, Toronto, London, Brampton, Mississauga, Oshawa and Whitby.

NESDCA Bed Bug Inspection Dogs