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how do i avoid bed bugs?

Probably the most common question anyone has regarding the subject is "How do I avoid bed bugs...". No one, and I mean no one, wants bed bugs in their life! So, the natural thing to do is to try and avoid getting them in the first place - and we couldn't agree more! There are some easy things that you can do to avoid bed bugs regardless of where you are or where you're going.

avoid bed bugs at the movies!

A very common question relating to bed bug avoidance is "How to do I avoid getting bed bugs in a movie theatre?..." It's a great question because movie theatres are a bed bugs' best friend! Why? Because a theatre provides just about everything a bed bug loves... A dark place where people are sitting still for long periods of time with little to no idea that the bed bugs are there int the first place - Perfect! In this video we give you some practical ideas on how to avoid bringing bed bugs back to your home after seeing a movie!

avoid bed bugs while travelling!

Travelling provides probably the greatest opportunity to be exposed to bed bugs! Hotels, airplanes and common areas in resorts offer bed bugs an opportunity to crawl onto you and 'hitch a ride' quite easily. But, did you know that even the outside of your suitcase can have bed bugs on it? True!

In this video we give you practical knowledge on how to avoid those places and things that offer plenty of opportunity for bed bugs to come home with you and what to do if they do!