As we've previously spoken about on our site, there are essentially two types of bed bug treatments available to the homeowner. The Traditional Bed Bug Treatment and the Bed Bug Heat Treatment. Let's discuss the differences, benefits and potential drawbacks of both.

What is a 'Traditional Bed Bug Extermination'?

So, what do we mean by 'traditional bed bug control'? Simply put, when bed bugs began invading homes throughout the Toronto area around ten years ago, pest control companies began treating with pesticides. Over the the years our company has expanded the definition of the 'traditional' bed bugs treatment to include the safe use of what are known as Class III products. These products are regulated in their manufacture and labeling by the Federal Government of Canada and their use and application is governed by the Provincial Government of Ontario through the Ministry of the Environment.

Any company that uses these products is required to be compliant with numerous governmental safety checks and regulatory requirements. The use of these products by a trained and licensed technician is perfectly safe and often quite effective against bed bugs.

Let's look at the pros and potentials cons to both the traditional method and the bed bug heat treatment.

Let's start with the traditional method. The traditional bed bug extermination method is much less expensive than a bed bug heat treatment. In fact, a traditional treatment can cost as much as 1/4 the price of heat treatment. The reason for this is that most traditional treatments are done by one licensed technician in a fraction of the time it normally takes a heat crew to do a heat extermination. In addition, no fuel is expended while doing the job and it does not take hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to accomplish as opposed to a heat treatment.

Now, lets explore some potential drawbacks to the traditional method. It often takes a minimum of two treatments to be successful. This is due to that the products do not kill the bed bug eggs and thus another treatment must be accomplished to mitigate that. This multiple treatment process is known as breaking the life cycle of the bed bug infestation.

The bed bugs infesting your home may be chemically resistant. Much like humans can sometimes be resistant to antibiotics, there are a number of bed bug strains that have become resistant to certain products traditionally used to kill them. There is no way to know if the bed bugs in a home are chemically resistant to the products being used until after the fact. That being said, it is still relatively rare to encounter chemically resistant bed bugs in the Toronto area.

Also, the home owner must remain in a semi-state of 'prep' during the period between the two traditional bed bug treatments. In addition, the clothes that have been laundered and bagged must remain so until at least ten days after the second (follow-up) treatment has been accomplished.


A bed bug heat treatment involves heating your home up to between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the day. A bed bug will die if exposed to only 122 degrees for less than one minute, but the higher temperature and longer time is needed to penetrate deep into furniture such as sofas and mattresses and the entire bed bug problem can be successfully eliminated in just one day with only treatment because heat kills the bed bug eggs as well.

There is no use of pesticides whatsoever because the heat kills the bugs and the homeowner can get back to their normal routine quickly and without much fuss.

A minimum of two highly trained technicians spend the entire day heat treating the home and when they're done the bed bug problem is gone too!

The biggest drawback to the bed bug heat treatment is the price. The cost of a bed bug heat treatment is significantly higher than the traditional treatment due to the high value equipment being used, the multiple crew required for the job and the length of time that it takes to do it properly. That being said, the results are astounding!

We'll be happy to discuss your particular situation with you to help you choose which bed bug extermination protocol is right for you. Regardless of which one you choose, you can rest assured knowing that it will be done safely and effectively.

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