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So, You've just found out that you have bed bugs, your mind is spinning with the news, you've jumped onto the internet to scramble for some information but you're not even sure what you're looking for and it comes to you... "Who is the best bed bug exterminator in Toronto and how do I choose which one to hire?..."

In this video we explore what you should be looking for in a bed bug extermination company in Toronto. Not all companies are equal! There are some VERY important differences that you MUST be aware of.

We explore the different types of bed bug extermination techniques from the traditional bed bug extermination to the bed bug heat treatment and what to look for with both of them.

accredited bed bug exterminators

This video also goes into depth on the importance of choosing a properly licensed and accredited extermination company and why you should NEVER hire someone that is not licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario.

The importance of licensing and proper accreditation cannot be overemphasized! Hiring a company that is not both puts you and your home at risk!

From being licensed by the Government to being members in good standing with various pest control organizations such as the NPMA, CPMA and SPMAO, it is very important to choose a company that is reputable. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a good rating also help.

If you need solid and straight forward advice on how to choose the best bed bug exterminator in Toronto watch this video!