Bed bugs have long been infesting apartment buildings in Toronto and many Toronto apartments find themselves infested with bed bugs! Over the past few years however, bed bugs have spread for and wide and can now be found in apartments all over Southern Ontario!

As the bed bug problem in apartments and condominiums grows, more is being learned about how they spread. We now know without a doubt that bed bugs travel from one apartment unit to another either laterally or vertically. While each situation is different, there is often evidence of how the bed bugs spread.

In this video we can clearly see that a bed bug issue has spread into this apartment unit from the one above it. Bed bug fecal matter is clearly visible towards the upper area of a small closet located off the master bedroom. There is an access panel right there which indicates that the bed bug most likely travelled from the upper apartment unit to the lower one via that access panel.

In this case, it was later reported the upper apartment did in fact have a sizeable bed bug problem located in it.

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