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When a bed bug problem is THIS bad... Only heat will fix it! Here you can see how this bed bug problem has been festering for many months... Notice the 'vertical ambulation' of the bed bugs towards the ceiling!

bed bug pictures

Often times when people suspect that they might have bed bugs they find themselves scouring the internet looking for pictures of bed bugs. We have seen over the years that there are pictures of "bed bugs" posted on the net that are, in fact, NOT bed bugs at all!

Do I have bed bugs? how to identify bed bugs

We've seen different types of insects that look similar bed bugs being presented as such and this can lead to a great deal of confusion. There are many types of insects that inhabit our area of Southern Ontario. Some of these may look like bed bugs to the untrained eye so it is important to familiarize yourself with exactly what bed bugs look like in their different stages of life - why? Because bed bugs do in fact look different depending on what stage of life they are at. Some things, however, do not change... Bed bugs DO NOT HAVE WINGS at any stage of their life. So, if you've caught sight of a bug in your home and it has wings (even small ones) it's not a bed bug!

In addition, bed bugs also have six legs. Keep that in mind when studying something you've caught in your bed at 4am.

Have a look at the pictures of bed bugs above and below, find some pictures of some situations we've come across in our many years in bed bug extermination. You will see that bed bugs are extremely good at hiding! In fact, we've found bed bugs in some of the least likely places that one would expect to find them. Knowing where they hide goes a very long way in being good at killing them!

Identifying if you have bed bugs early is important because bed bugs multiply quickly! If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, placing a call to a professional sooner than later puts you in a much better position with respect to extermination!

If you see a bug in your home that closely resembles any of these in the photos make sure to call quickly. If you're simply not sure if what you are looking at is a bed bug we can easily arrange for us to identify it for you. If unexplained bites is causing you to suspect a bed bug problem but you have not seen a bug anywhere, you are a good candidate for a bed bug K9 inspection. Either way, we're here to help. We're just a phone call away.

Massive bed bug infestation

Here is a great example of how effective a bed bug heat treatment can be! In this picture, you can clearly see how the heat penetrated into this piece of furniture and killed not only the bed bugs but their eggs as well.

Killing bed bugs with heat

Bed bugs really can hide anywhere! Most people think that bed bugs confine themselves just to beds... This is simply not true! We find bed bugs hiding in the strangest places. Here you see one that took up residence in the hinge of a cedar chest located ten feet from any bed!

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This picture shows a MULTI-YEAR bed bug infestation! A problem like this takes a full extra-long bed bug heat treatment and follow-up chemical treatments to deal with the bed bugs that infested in between the walls.

Bed bugs in a mattress

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Bed bugs can hide anywhere

pictures of bed bugs

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Bed bug mattress covers
Bed bug heat treatment Toronto

Here you can see a classic example of how bed bugs live in a typical mattress... Bed bugs are not 'nesting' insects but they do tend to take harbourage in close proximity to one another. Here is a good example of one of the reasons encasements are important.

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One of the most important things you can do when undertaking a bed bug extermination is the installation of Bed Bug Mattress Covers! These covers should be placed on the box springs as well... Above is an example of how NOT to do this! Fix any tears that appear as well!