bed bug inspection toronto - canine bed bug inspection - how much does a bed bug inspection cost?

Are you waking up with unexplained bites?

Have you seen a strange bug crawling on your bed?

You need a bed bug inspection!

When you're in need of a bed bug inspection there are some things that you need to know and we're going to tell you right now!

So, you think you may have bed bugs? You've just joined thousands of people that wake up every morning in North America with the same concern!

Whether you've noticed a strange 'rash' on you or a family member recently, seen an unidentified bug crawling on your bed or know that you may have been exposed to bed bugs by someone else and worry that you may have then now, you need a bed bug inspection!

There are essentially two ways to inspect for bed bugs...

A manual inspection and a K9 bed bug inspection.

A manual inspection is simply when a technician comes into your home with a flashlight and inspect those places that bed bugs are often found.

The technician is obviously looking for the actual bugs themselves but he's also searching for signs that they're there!

Cast skins that the bed bugs shed as they grow and progress through their various stages of life and the fecal matter that they leave behind is also an indication of activity. A skilled bed bug exterminator can frequently offer an estimate of the length of time the bed bugs have been there and give you an idea of the degree of severity of the problem simply by finding this evidence.

Starting with the beds in your home, the technician should check the seams, folds and piping on the mattress. A through check of the underside of the box spring is also required because that's a favourite place for bed bugs to hide.

The headboard and surrounding furniture should be thoroughly checked for bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed bugs don't only hide in beds! You will often find them hiding in sofas and lounge chairs so a comprehensive check of those items is also required.

Now, a technician, even and experienced one, can only do so much with a flashlight. Bed bugs are very good at hiding and in the case of a newer problem it can be very difficult for even the most experienced person to find them and therein lies the problem.

If you have only a manual inspection and the problem is a new one, there is a very small chance of the problem being found. By waiting until the problem has grown you have just made it significantly harder to fix!

That brings us to the...

K9 Bed Bug Inspection

That's right, a team consisting of a handler and a specially traned dog come into your home and detect the bed bugs or eggs using scent.

The benefits of the K9 inspection over the manual kind are many!

Properly trained bed bug detection dog teams can easily find even the smallest bed bug problem. The dog is trained to alert to even just one live bed bug or one viable bed bug egg! I emphasize live bug and viable egg because the dog will NOT alert to dead ones... this is important in mitigating false positive alerts and, frankly, wouldn't do much good if inspection a home post-treatment where there are dead bugs throughout. Obviously dead is good but we only want to know about live bugs or eggs.

Because the bed bug dog inspection industry is not regulated by any government agency it is important to only hire properly trained and certified dog teams.

The cost of a manual bed bug inspection should run you in the neighbourhood of two hundred dollars whereas an bed bug dog inspection should be between three and four hundred dollars depending on the size of your home or office.

Catching a bed bug problem in the early stages is really important and by doing so, you can save thousands of dollars so if you suspect that you may have bed bugs, do your research and hire someone to come in and take a look,

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