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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pest Control Services in Burlington ON

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GreenTech Bug Heat - Bed Bug Heat Treatment
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The heat system that we use to kill bed bugs is simply the best in the world! There is no risk of fire because there is no flame in your home! The system is known as the Closed Loop Glycol system. A benign liquid mixture of water and 'green' glycol is heated up in a small, inconspicuous unit outside of your home with a computer temperature controlled unit. This allows us to carefully monitor and maintain the correct temperature in your home to ensure a complete bed bug kill. Our bed bugs extermination equipment is unmarked so your neighbours will not know the purpose of our visit!

If you find yourself in need of a bed bug extermination and you prefer not to have pesticides used in your home consider having a bed bug heat extermination. Conclusive studies have shown that using thermal energy (heat) to kill bed bugs is far superior to using chemicals. Although the traditional extermination technique is safe and mostly effective, the bed bug heat treatment is far superior.

We are happy to offer our bed bug heat extermination to Toronto, Hamilton, Scarborough, London Ontario, Markham, Kitchener, Scarborough, Thorn Hill, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and surrounding areas.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto


Why is using heat to kill bed bugs better? Simply really, when bed bugs and their eggs are exposed to temperatures of 122 degrees for less than 60 seconds they will die! A bed bug heat treatment lasts for the whole day, however, and the temperature of the home is heated to between 140 and 150 degrees to allow the thermal energy to penetrate every single nook and cranny of the home.

Using heat to exterminate bed bugs is safe for your family and pets, it's effective and only takes one day with one treatment... all without the use of pesticides! See here for details on how hot does a bed bug heat treatment need to be to be successful.


The ability to kill bed bugs with heat has only been introduced into the Toronto pest control industry in the last few years and the results have been fantastic! Simply by raising the temperature of your home to above the thermal kill range, we eliminate all of the bed bugs and their eggs in just one treatment on just one day! Killing bed bugs with heat is safe, effective and it really works! GreenTech Bug heat is our 'green' bed bug extermination division.

Now known as the 'Gold Standard' of bed bug pest control, heat has quickly become the preferred method of extermination of bed bugs. More and more people in the Toronto area are choosing heat to rid themselves of bedbugs because it is simply a better way to get the job done.