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Killing bed bugs with heat has been something that has been done in the Toronto area for a few years now and enough bed bug heat exterminations have been successfully done by reputable companies that it is pretty much down to a science now. A bed bug heat treatment simply means that the temperature of your home is raised to above the threshold where bed bugs die. Not only do the bed bugs themselves succumb to the heat but their eggs do as well! This is important to know because the traditional bed bug extermination products in Canada do not kill the bed bug eggs - heat does!

To successfully conduct a bed bug heat treatment the equipment must be the right type of equipment to get the job done properly! In addition, the technicians must follow a series of important procedures to ensure that the treatment is successful and is conducted in a safe manner. To accomplish all of these things, the bed bug heat extermination company must be experienced!

when it comes to bed bug extermination using heat - experience is everything!

Having the right equipment is only half of what it takes to do a successful bed bug heat treatment. The crew doing the job must have the knowledge and experience to do the job safely and effectively!

An experienced bed bug heat exterminator knows where to place the equipment for it to be the most effective. He also knows the optimum temperature to run the equipment at based on each individual job.

Every bed bug heat job is different because every home is different! A good bed bug heat extermination company has the experience to know how to do the job properly whilst being safe while doing so.

Only hire an experienced company to perform your bed bug heat treatment!