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The Kitchener area has been effected by bed bugs in a huge way over the past two years. Bed bug exterminators have been kept very busy addressing the bed bugs extermination needs of Kitchener residents living in this area as a result.

Many GTA based pest control companies find it laborious to make the trek out to Kitchener to perform bed bug services and those that do often charge a premium to do so.

We are proud to offer our bed bug extermination services to your area at no extra charge or premium.

Kitchener area residents can now choose between the traditional bed bug extermination methods or the bed bug heat treatment.

bed bug heat treatment kitchener

In addition to our 'traditional' bed bug services, we are happy to offer Kitchener area residents our bed bug heat treatment as well.

Using heat to kill bed bugs has proven to be the most effective method of eliminating bed bugs. By raising the temperature of your home to above 140 degrees for most of the day, the bed bug killing temperatures permeate into even the smallest cracks and crevices where bed bugs tend to hide. While there is some limited 'prep' that must be performed - primarily to safeguard any items in your home that may be susceptible to those temperatures - the heat method of bed bug extermination often proves to be less 'work' in preparation for the treatment than other methods.

In addition, bed bug heat treatment has shown, by far, to be a more complete and successful method of bed bug elimination. We've successfully completed many bed bug heat treatments for those living in Kitchener and we're proud to have many happy customers in your area.

who is the best bed bug exterminator in kitchener

Choosing a bed bug extermination company involves doing your homework to educate yourself on what is most important when selecting who will conduct your bed bug extermination for you. When choosing a company there are some important things to consider...

Choosing a pest control company that specializes in killing bed bugs is essential! Bed bugs are not like other types of pests and it takes specialized equipment, dedication and experience to do it properly. Have a look at our video to the right for great advice on how to choose the best bed bug exterminator in Kitchener.

If you live in the Kitchener area and your'e suffering with bed bugs... Give us a call. We can help!

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Bed Bug Exterminator Kitchener Ontario
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