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In addition to the traditional bed bug treatments that have been available in Hamilton for years, we are very proud to offer an alternative bed bug solution in the form of a bed bug heat treatment. Hamilton residents now have the option to choose the type of treatment that suites your needs.

There are significant differences between the traditional extermination and a bed bug heat extermination, the most obvious is that a heat treatment kills all of the bed bugs in just one day with just one treatment, including the bed bug eggs! Please see here for an exact breakdown of the differences and feel free to give us a call to help you decide if a bed bug heat extermination may be right for you.

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When it comes to bed bugs one of the hardest hit cities in the GTA is most definitely Hamilton. There are a number of theories for this but the fact remains that residents of your city have been suffering with bed bugs for years and, unfortunately, the problem continues to get worse each and every day, it's even been making news!

At first, Hamilton residents living in apartments were effected the most but, over time, the bed bug problem has seen itself manifested into private and fully detached houses as well. Although bed bugs remain the same whether they are found in an apartment or in a house, the methodology used to treat them differ from one type of setting to another.

Exterminating bed bugs in an apartment setting is best done by fully treating the 'target' unit in addition to performing 'perimeter' treatments to the adjacent units including those situated laterally and vertically from the main treatment unit. Whereas in a fully detached house, the entire dwelling is treated thoroughly in every instance.

Bed bug extermination companies in the Hamilton area have been struggling to keep up with the demand of service call requiring treatment specifically for bed bugs and when choosing a pest control company to service you there are a number of things to look for.

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Not all bed bug exterminators are equal and there are some things you should look for when hiring an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs for you.

Ensure that your bed bug exterminator is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario. This ensures that your bed bug extermination will be conducted safely and properly. In addition, this also ensures that the pest control company is properly insured.

In addition to the above, it is always best to hire a company that specializes in killing bed bugs specifically! Bed bug extermination is a real specialty that requires specific knowledge of bed bugs and how they operate. Bed bug extermination is NOT simply a matter of spraying some chemicals and hoping for the best. A skilled bed bug exterminator is more likely to fix your problem than one who is not.

Look for a service guarantee! Bed bugs are difficult to exterminate and, depending on your particular situation it may take more than one or two treatments to rectify the problem - Hire a company that offers a comprehensive service guarantee that they will stand by.

Choose a company that answers to a 'higher body'. Companies that are members of the Better Business Bureau, Structural Pest Management Association or the National Pest Management Association show that they take their professionalism seriously. It is always best to choose an exterminator with at least one of these memberships.

We are proud to offer Hamilton residents first rate bed bug extermination services that are backed up by our fantastic service guarantee, we are proud members of the BBB with an "A+" Rating and we're also proud members of the SPMAO, NPMA and CPMA.