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Bed bug heat treatment and extermination

Killing bed bugs with heat is nothing new. In fact, they used heat to get rid of bed bugs i

n France hundreds of years ago with some effectiveness. Now, a modern and extremely green heat system has been introduced to the Toronto market.

It has been a known fact for many years that if you raise the temperature of bed bugs past a certain point (the thermal kill range), they will die. In fact, not only will the bed bugs die but also their eggs. This is important to know since NO pesticide approved for use in Canada will kill bed bug eggs.

Over the past few years new technology has emerged in Canada and Toronto specifically that was introduced to heat an entire home to the bed bug thermal kill range.

As a Toronto based company we decided to wait and see which technology would emerge as the best. Now we have our answer.


There are three different types of bed bug heat treatment systems available to the consumer being offered by various companies in the Toronto area -  Propane, Electric and Closed Loop Heat Transfer Fluid or "HTF". Let's take a look at them... Each uses a different method of killing bedbugs and they are all not equal. As a consumer you should be aware of the differences before hiring a bed bug exterminator.

Propane Operated

Propane heat systems were the first to be introduced to the Toronto market a couple of years ago. While it is a legitimate heat treatment system there are significant drawbacks to it. Although the propane is burned outside in a truck it is still propane and comes with the natural hazards associated with burning large amounts of high-pressure propane in a public setting. The heat source is brought into the treatment area via a large flexible duct and acts as only one source of heat integration.

This system, although getting marks for being the first, is no longer the optimal one in today's market.


The Toronto market offers bed bug heat elimination via a system that simply works by placing electric heaters throughout a home via high-voltage electricity. Although an obviously simple concept this has been shown NOT to be efficient both in the results that it achieves and from a customer cost perspective (some companies use the homeowners' own electricity to do the job).

Electric bed bug heat systems often simply do not get hot enough quickly enough to kill the bed bugs before they can escape into walls and voids in various parts of the home. In addition, the electric systems often take much longer to complete due to their inability to simply make the air hot enough to do the job in a reasonable length of time.

The electric heater system is inefficient, takes much longer to get the job done, costly to the homeowner and involves high-voltage electrical lines running through the treatment area. For these reasons it is not recommended.



The Heat Transfer Fluid or "HTF" system has clearly emerged as simply the best bed bug heat treatment system available. There are a number of reasons for this. HTF has the following

1) 'Green' system for heating the closed-loop system. The fluid is quietly heated outside of the home.

2) There is NO risk of fire inside the home because the only things in the home are simple heat transfer units that are strategically placed for optimal heating of the effected 
Bed bug heat treatment Torontoareas. True green heat purification of your home.

3) The system attains the thermal kill range in a fraction of the time than any other type and keeps it there efficiently
 throughout the process. This means that the bed bug treatment is 100% effective in less time.

4) This bed bug heat treatment system offers extremely good value to the consumer and keeps the cost of the treatment down.

The HTF bed bug heat treatment system has clearly won the competition among competing technologies and, as a result, we are proud to now offer this revolutionary treatment system to our valued customers.

Read more about our Green bed bug heat extermination and why it is simply the best method of exterminating bed bugs in the Toronto area.

Green Tech Bed Bug Heat

Royal Forest Pest Control now offers bed bug thermal heat extermination treatments in Toronto, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, London, Etobicoke, Burlington, Markham, Oakville, Hamilton, Barrie, Brampton, Ajax, Pickering, Ancaster, and throughout Southern Ontario